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Telehealth is just like a normal healthcare appointment except it’s done by video chat on your computer, tablet, or phone. Compared to a traditional appointment, a telehealth appointment can be done in the comfort of your home or workplace.


Although telehealth doesn’t include hands-on treatments such as chiropractic adjustments or massage, the main therapies you need to effectively manage your pain for long-term benefits can be done virtually. While hands-on therapies may provide short-term relief for some people, chiropractic adjustments and massage don't offer lasting results for most.


Many individuals simply need instruction and guidance on how to progress through a recovery plan.


If you suffer from pain and you do not like being reliant on repeat office visits for short-term relief, telehealth is a great option.


During your free telehealth assessment, we will review your concerns, discuss your goals, and determine if telehealth services are right for you.


You’ll need a laptop (ideal), tablet, or cell phone for your appointment. 


If you’re in pain right now (or maybe you’ve been in pain for years), do something about it today. 

I look forward to meeting you!

Working from Home
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