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Why pro golfers go to Chiropractors and you should too

Back pain from golfing. Chiropractic care to take care of golf related injury.

Low back injuries are among the most common muscle and joint complaints of professional and recreational golfers. Other common locations for golf-related injuries include the elbows, wrists, and shoulders [1].

Injuries to the lower back comprise up to 34% of all golf injuries.

If spine pain is affecting your golf game, you are not alone. Injuries to the lower back comprise up to 34% of all golf injuries. Golfers aged 50-65 suffer from the highest injury rates compared to any other subgroup in the sport. In addition to advanced age, lowering your handicap is also related to increased injury rates. Elevated training volume and the associated boost in repetitive stress enhances the likelihood of sustaining overuse injuries. The dynamic and recurrent twisting of the body during the numerous strokes required to play a round golf combined with inadequate warm-up routines, lack of joint mobility, and poor physical conditioning can contribute to injury. In Golf, as in any sport, elevated injury rates often result from strength deficits, lack of joint mobility, and suboptimal coordination [1].

Maintaining a stable spine and mobile body can be vital for golfers.

Developing and maintaining stability in the lower back is key to minimizing pain and maximizing power. The muscles in the low back, abdomen, and hips are often referred to as the “core.” Training this region can be optimal for sport preparation, injury prevention, or rehabilitation. The rotational stresses imposed on the low back while playing golf necessitate core training [2]. Maintaining a stable spine and mobile body can be vital for golfers.

Back pain from golfing

Many golfers rely on chiropractors to help free them from pain and enhance their performance and longevity. Arnold Palmer, Davis Love, Tiger Woods, Jan Stephenson, Jack Nicklaus, Jim Furyk, Nick Faldo, Phole Mickelson, and Vijay Singh all benefited from chiropractic care during their careers [3].

As you age and your golf game improves, you may be at a greater risk for injury. Is your back equipped to handle the stress of repetitive golf swings? Chiropractic care may be right for you and for your golf game.


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