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Office Policies in Response to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Netley Chiropractic is conscious of the health concerns of our patients and our community. Your health is our top priority. In accordance with state and county health mandates, we are taking every precaution to help combat the current health threat. Below is a list of safeguards along with our respective plans of action.

Signage at the entrance(s) instructing patients to wear a face-covering when inside.

  • Our building has signs posted at all entrances. 

  • Additional signs are posted at our office entrance.

  • We ask that all patients wear a face covering when inside the building.

Limit waiting-area occupancy to the number of individuals who can be present while staying six feet away from one another and ask patients, if possible, to wait in cars for their appointment to be called.

  • Our appointments are intentionally spaced to mitigate the need for patients to utilize our waiting area.


Enable contactless sign-in.

  • For contactless sign-in, please use our phone app. Contact us for more information.

  • If you cannot download the app, we have alternative methods of contactless sign-in when you arrive for your appointment.


Conduct a common screening protocol for all patients, including a temperature check and questions about COVID-19 symptoms.

  • We check body temperature and screen for COVID-19 symptoms during each appointment.


Place hand sanitizer and face coverings at patient entrances.

  • Hand sanitizer and face coverings are available for all patients at our office entrance.


Require employees to make proper use of personal protective equipment in accordance with guidance from the CDC and OSHA.

  • Dr. Netley wears CDC approved surgical masks that are disposed of and replaced after each patient encounter.

  • The treatment room is cleaned thoroughly between patients.


Require patients to wear a face-covering when in the facility, except as necessary for identification or to facilitate an examination or procedure.

  • We require that all patients wear face coverings when in our office. If you have a medical exemption, please let us know prior to your appointment.

  • Face coverings may need to be removed for certain examinations or treatment procedures in the office.


Employ telehealth and telemedicine to the greatest extent possible.

  • Please contact us for telehealth information.


Limit the number of appointments to maintain social distancing and allow adequate time between appointments for cleaning.

  • Our appointments are limited and appropriately timed in order to allow for proper cleaning and social distancing.


Employ specialized procedures for patients with high temperatures or respiratory symptoms.

  • If you have a high temperature or respiratory symptoms, please let us know prior to your visit and we will reschedule the appointment.


Deep clean examination rooms after patients with respiratory symptoms and clean rooms between all patients.

  • The treatment room is cleaned thoroughly after each appointment.


Establish procedures for building disinfection in accordance with CDC guidance if it is suspected that an employee or patient has COVID-19 or if there is a confirmed case.

  • With the assistance of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors, Netley Chiropractic has established procedures to respond to suspected or confirmed COVID-19 exposure.

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